THIS JUST IN..Extraterrestrial Sighting in Boston

No that is not an Alien..that is ecstatic ex Clipper Sam Cassell on his way to top contender Boston where he’ll join former teammates Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and the new look Celtics.

Cassell who was not too happy about playing for a team with no hopes of making the playoffs in the packed Western Conference and demanded to be released, seems to have finally gotten his wish. The move is not official but what was a well circulating rumor is pretty close to being a reality once all the technicalities are cleared up.

The 38 year old “crafty veteran” who already has two NBA championship rings (from his days long long ago with the Rockets) has a great chance of getting a third one. Cassell adds among other things veteran leadership, clutch shooting, and a high basketball IQ to a Celtics team who while having the best record in the league were lacking at the PG spot with their youngster Rajon Rondo as their floor general.

Whether Cassell moves into the starting lineup (which i think is very likely) or he comes off the bench he should be an effective new weapon for the already high powered Celtics attack. What will also be beneficial is the ‘KNOWLEDGE’ he’ll provide Rondo along with the intagibles that he brings to the game. What remains to be seen is whether a three headed monster, an alien, and some used parts are enough to be NBA champs? That answer will be forthcoming.

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10 Comments on “THIS JUST IN..Extraterrestrial Sighting in Boston”

  1. fresh3000 Says:

    Damn, that’s a ugly dude!!! Deal or no deal, damn!

  2. romenempire Says:

    Ironically i found that picture right next to the word ugly in the dictionary… go figure

  3. The Perfect Weapon Says:

    Ugly or not Cassell even in his old age is maybe the final piece to the Celtics championship puzzle…but beyond all that some people should never where anything green

  4. elle Says:

    remember that jada line that went something like, “like sam i ca sell”
    i was so amazed.

  5. fresh3000 Says:

    that was a hot line but his game is cold now.

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  7. phever82 Says:

    Sam will bring something to the table. A championship though, that’s yet to be seen. Last time I checked it was Hakeem the Dream that G checked Shaq in the Finals..Not Sam. Pay homage

  8. Devon Says:

    zomg look at this Kevin Garnett pic, total alien

  9. Devknob Says:

    This is the REAL Alien – Kevin Garnett

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